The Action Figure Headhunter 00

Welcome to my 1st edition of the Action Figure Headhunter. My new blog entry devoted to my love for action figures. I’ve always had a thing for action figures that dates back to growing up in what I now consider the true golden age the 70s. In the 70s you had some of the best lines everything from Evel Knievel to The Six Million Dollar Man to my personal favorites The Micronauts. I’m sure I’ll be covering them all in future entries especially as I hunt nostalgic figures I grew up with. I just added to my collection a DC Comics Kingdom Come Superman. This figure is based on the 1996 4 issue mini series written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The artwork also by Ross is phenomenal bringing the characters to life. The mini series deals with a future where Batman Superman and Wonder Woman are retired and the world is a powder keg with the superhero/ supervillain community in battle with mankind in the middle. The mini series is a thing of beauty I highly recommend for readers. The moment I saw this figure online I knew I had to get one especially with there being only 3 available left in inventory from the toy website Toy Wiz. I ordered and waited patiently for my newest treasure to arrive. Finally I opened my front door to see a box on my porch from Toy Wiz. So excited I could barely get the mail and box in the house as the box seemed to scream ” open me ” I managed to shut the door and put any envelopes down as I turn my full attention to the box sitting on my table. Opening slowly with care I open to a thing of beauty seeming to leap right off the pages of the mini series. The figure sculpted from Ross’s artwork is a thing of beauty which stands out and gives you a wide grin of ownership. I know this one will go into my collectables pile that remains unopened and be a jewel for many years to come.


Welcome to the 1st entry of 2020. This year I decided to put more emphasis on my writing and to vary about the topics I’d write about. Going forward I will not only focus on movies but music,toys,comics, wrestling, traveling and life in general. I’m going to shoot for one post a week till I get my schedule and groove back. I think this will be a fascinating experience and a good growth exercise. This is long overdue my long term goal is to introduce you the reader onto my world and further turn you on to something new and also give you insight into some of the things that interest me and check out my crazy thought process. So buckle up buttercup it’s a new decade and the 1st page has just been written and you’ve read it. P.S. I’m by no means an expert on these various things I’m writing about I’m an opinionist lol

2 Stacks Reviews: Joker

Hey there it’s been a minute since I wrote something but life outside of here has me going between trips,work,a birthday and the normal day to day grind I’ve been pooped out. Today I saw something that got my creative juices flowing and made me want to share with you my input on what I’ve seen. I was really skeptical when they announced this movie was going to be made i thought a movie about a villain there’s no way you can cheer for him or care for him but you actually do care and have sympathy for him. Joker set in 1970s Gotham City is simply marvelous masterpiece of cinematic eye candy it also boasts a phenomenal cast led by Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck the troubled mmentally unstable man who dreams of being a comedian but by circumstances beyond his control becomes The Joker. Robert De Niro and Brett Cullen shine also as TV Host Murray Franklin and Thomas Wayne respectfully. Cullen brings a new dynamic to the Thomas Wayne character who in previous films has been portrayed as nice guy not this film he comes across as pompous and qquite a hard ass especially when confronted by Fleck who through his eequally mentally unhinged mother is lead to believe that Wayne is his father the unsympathetic and cold rejection by Wayne and a startling reverave elation send him over the edge. De Niro’s Franklin also stands out as Gotham’s Johnny Carson type of late show host getting hold of a tape of Fleck’s standup bomb at a local comedy club he invites him to be a guest on the to make fun of him and gets more than he bargained for. Joker has plenty of subtle Easter eggs as well as some pretty graphic violence in one scene but it is a unique awesome film director Todd Phillips has brought to the screen I saw it twice this opening weekend. Top of The stack indeed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

2 Stack’s Reviews: Dirty Deeds

Well well it’s been a while since I have tickled the keyboard with something noteworthy to put out there. I took a little hiatus from writing and focused on some of the things going on. Influenced by a good friend I decided to write a new review and take it from there. The movie I’m reviewing today is an Australian film called Dirty Deeds. Dirty Deeds has a great cast lead by a favorite of mine Bryan Brown it also boasts Sam Neill, Sam Worthington and Toni Collette. Set in the last year of the 60s it centers around Barry (Brown) who controls the majority of the action in Sydney. Barry is currently in the middle of a rivalry with a low level player who is unhappy with the way the food chain works in Sidney. Throw in his newly returned from Vietnam nephew(Worthington), his young mistress, his wife ( Collette), from America looking to broker a deal on slot machines connected henchman Tony ( John Good man) and you have quite an interesting romp. I had a blast with Dirty Deeds lots of fun and just right amount of gangster and humor. Definitely a great addition to my collection and near the top of the stack.

Today’s Rant

As I write this. I just read a headline about New Zealand in the aftermath of a blood bath of senseless killings during the last week has decided to ban semi assault and assault weapons. It got me to thinking what the hell is wrong with America it takes one tragedy for another country to draw the line in the Sand and say enough yet we have had tragedy after tragedy and yet we still pander to the NRA or some gun manufacturer who has enough lobbyists to sway the lawmakers. Let’s face in America we love our guns to point where in some households have multiple guns are a staple. In America we don’t like the idea of anyone taking our guns away or making it more difficult to obtain one. Here we throw common sense out the window when it comes to gun control here we have a sitting President more obsessed with a damn wall then looking at gun control after the New Zealand tragedy. I applaud New Zealand for their common sense reaction in response to their great tragedy it saddens my heart when I see our country constantly go through tragedy after tragedy and yet no one chooses not to address gun control and banning of certain weapons. I asked a friend once who boasted about his assault weapon he had “if you can’t kill it with your handgun then I don’t think that AK isn’t going to help much.” The point being we love our weapons and freedom of choice and easy access to obtain one but we also need to use some common sense and quit being desensitized to the tragedies going on quit being so quick to forget the aftermath of these tragedies the broken homes,lives, and communities. I’m not saying get rid of all guns but saying that we need to hold our Representatives accountable not just to the gun manufacturers or the NRA but to the rest of us we need to have laws and regulations in place to if not eliminate these tragedies as a whole but to at least lessen them. The world looks at us and laughs not just because of our choice in President but our constant thumbing our nose at common sense.

2 Stacks Reviews: Angels And Demons

It’s a cold blustery day here. Days like today I grab one of movie collection albums and pour over the titles sometimes it can be an old favorite or familiar but most times it depends on what I’m in the mood for and I then let my hand take it from there. I was in for a bit of mystery/thriller so I chose to finally watch the 2nd film in the Dan Brown written trilogy Angels And Demons. Sometime last year I watched the 1st in the trilogy The Da Vinci Code and was left wanting more. Angels And Demons brings back Tom Hanks as Prof. Robert Langdon and is once again helmed by Ron Howard. Set somewhere not too long after the first film the Pope has died and the candidates to be the next Pope have been kidnapped and someone claiming to be The Illuminati is threatening to kill each one in public within a 4 hour span starting at 8 at night. The Vatican has to swallow it’s pride and turn to Langdon who since the last film isn’t exactly a favorite of theirs and on top of all this there is a bomb that is threatening to wipe out Vatican City all while the World is watching and crowds are gathering awaiting the choice of the new Pope. Angels And Demons is a very fast paced thriller with twists and turns all around yet I found it lacking even with some of the twists in the final act there were times I had already deduced what the next play would be. It’s a solid enough thriller yet for me didn’t have the same suspense as The Da Vinci Code. Angels And Demons is casted rather well with Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgร rd and Ayelet Zurer all bringing solid performances the fault I feel lies with the script. I have to let the Angels And Demons fly no further than middle of the stack.

2 Stacks Reviews: Wyrmwood Road Of The Dead

Just got through viewing a really cool Australian film from the IFC Midnight Studio Wyrmwood Road Of The Dead. Set in a zombie apocalypse in Australia the film covers several tied in tragic tales of loss. Full of gore and bloody surprises and interesting characters it also includes a fantastic inventive zombie torture scene set to a Australian band version of KC and The Sunshine Band. This ain’t your Dad’s zombie flick for sure and definitely not your Hollywood fanfares no this is well crafted horror flick that made me laugh as well as cry. Wyrmwood Road Of The Dead is definitely top of the stack and well worth the money.