The Joy Of Collecting: Action Figures

I previously wrote about the possible pitfalls of having a large collection. Last time I talked about my movie collection and the struggle behind getting it organized and trying to come with a system for maintaining and tracking. My action figure collection is quite large and made up of various characters both household pop culture names and lesser known ones. My figures range in sizes from 3 3/4 up to 7 inches tall. I tend to collect favorite characters of mine, unique looks and variant figures ( special costumes, limited circulation or limited numbers made ). I take great pride and joy in my collection I look around my place at the various pieces I choose to display and sometimes I just start beaming with pride. One of the struggles with collecting Action Figures at least for me is choosing to decide to open and display some figures or to keep them in their original packaging. Certain ones I buy and can’t wait to open and pose for others I think of how rare they are or will be and I leave in their packaging. It’s awe inspiring seeing some of my favorite characters seemly come to life right off the pages of my favorite comic or movie.

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