A Black Man’s Outrage

First of all this is my opinion I’m not looking for any approval or accolades. A few days ago an event flashed across my television screen Gregory and Travis McMicheal were finally arrested and charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery. The indifference, lack of concern, and dragging of feet on the part of law enforcement officials to bring in these men in a timely manner is beyond me. Arbery was minding his own business jogging when these two decided to take matters in their own hands and declare themselves the law. Without a shred of proof of any wrongdoing on the part Arbery they chose to attempt to confront and detain him which led to a struggle ending with blood spilled needlessly. The question I and so many others ask is why did it take so long with a video of the incident which took place in February not to light a fire under officials’ butts to bring charges sooner?! Once again an aged old law is hidden behind and used to justify interference with citizens of color living their lives or giving themselves a license to take law into their hands and detain or attempt to apprehend anyone they deem to be where they feel they shouldn’t be. Too often people of color have been targeted by these busybodies who think it’s their given right to use these laws to appoint themselves deputies of the law. Now we add another name to the wall of injustice along side Trevon Martin and the other lesser known names. I can tell you the truth I’ve been faced to accept people of color lives don’t mean anything and too often they make it fine to try to detain or apprehend us because too often they feel we don’t belong in the area or that they are entitled to proclaim themselves a law official of some kind. I’m so tired of people dying doing the simplest things such as jogging or returning back from the store with snacks too often dead at the hands of some asshole trying to detain them from going on with lives. Too often in spite of lack of evidence of any wrongdoing too many damn times we are targeted and harrassed by some cowardly racially insecure busybody who couldn’t cut it as a cop much less a security guard. Too often the real perps are the ones hiding behind the old laws that were geared towards simpler and lawless times too often you shouldn’t have to live in fear of someone entering your home using deadly force under the pretense they are thought it was their home or getting killed returning from the store after getting yourself some candy by someone who thinks he’s the sheriff of the cul de sac or confronted jogging by a pair of inbred jackasses who think they’re Starsky and Hutch. I ask the question if others can live their daily lives without any harm or interruption why can’t we?! Why is some BBQ Becky or someone feel it’s up to them to interfere in our pursuit of happiness they seem to think they’re the only ones entitled to the enjoyment of life and daily routine. I await with bated breath for the loophole filled media sideshow. So often the media attempts to dig up the deceased’s past as if it’s factors into the crime at hand. I fail to see if the fact that deceased smoked a joint two weeks prior or had a bag of marijuana in their apartment has any importance to the their loss of life at the hands of another. The media too often tips the scales of public opinion and help ruin memories of people than they do to honor them. It saddens me that our younger generation will inherit more injustices, more racial indifference, more imbalanced scales of justice, and more empty promises of equality. I write this to testify my outrage and frustration as a Black man living in America. How someone’s insecurities, feelings of entitlement and being overzealous to take the law into their own hands can cost you your life how in spite of a lack of evidence you can be painted unfavorably by a self serving media consumed with sensationalism destroying your character in death and tip the scales of public opinion all for the sake of ratings. It’s a sad state of affairs where you not only fear the police who are to protect and serve but also some self important prejudging nimrods who hide behind the skirts of the law and it’s allowed.

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