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2 Stacks Reviews: Joker

Hey there it’s been a minute since I wrote something but life outside of here has me going between trips,work,a birthday and the normal day to day grind I’ve been pooped out. Today I saw something that got my creative juices flowing and made me want to share with you my input on what I’ve seen. I was really skeptical when they announced this movie was going to be made i thought a movie about a villain there’s no way you can cheer for him or care for him but you actually do care and have sympathy for him. Joker set in 1970s Gotham City is simply marvelous masterpiece of cinematic eye candy it also boasts a phenomenal cast led by Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck the troubled mmentally unstable man who dreams of being a comedian but by circumstances beyond his control becomes The Joker. Robert De Niro and Brett Cullen shine also as TV Host Murray Franklin and Thomas Wayne respectfully. Cullen brings a new dynamic to the Thomas Wayne character who in previous films has been portrayed as nice guy not this film he comes across as pompous and qquite a hard ass especially when confronted by Fleck who through his eequally mentally unhinged mother is lead to believe that Wayne is his father the unsympathetic and cold rejection by Wayne and a startling reverave elation send him over the edge. De Niro’s Franklin also stands out as Gotham’s Johnny Carson type of late show host getting hold of a tape of Fleck’s standup bomb at a local comedy club he invites him to be a guest on the to make fun of him and gets more than he bargained for. Joker has plenty of subtle Easter eggs as well as some pretty graphic violence in one scene but it is a unique awesome film director Todd Phillips has brought to the screen I saw it twice this opening weekend. Top of The stack indeed 👍👍👍👍