Monthly Archives: March 2019

Today’s Rant

As I write this. I just read a headline about New Zealand in the aftermath of a blood bath of senseless killings during the last week has decided to ban semi assault and assault weapons. It got me to thinking what the hell is wrong with America it takes one tragedy for another country to draw the line in the Sand and say enough yet we have had tragedy after tragedy and yet we still pander to the NRA or some gun manufacturer who has enough lobbyists to sway the lawmakers. Let’s face in America we love our guns to point where in some households have multiple guns are a staple. In America we don’t like the idea of anyone taking our guns away or making it more difficult to obtain one. Here we throw common sense out the window when it comes to gun control here we have a sitting President more obsessed with a damn wall then looking at gun control after the New Zealand tragedy. I applaud New Zealand for their common sense reaction in response to their great tragedy it saddens my heart when I see our country constantly go through tragedy after tragedy and yet no one chooses not to address gun control and banning of certain weapons. I asked a friend once who boasted about his assault weapon he had “if you can’t kill it with your handgun then I don’t think that AK isn’t going to help much.” The point being we love our weapons and freedom of choice and easy access to obtain one but we also need to use some common sense and quit being desensitized to the tragedies going on quit being so quick to forget the aftermath of these tragedies the broken homes,lives, and communities. I’m not saying get rid of all guns but saying that we need to hold our Representatives accountable not just to the gun manufacturers or the NRA but to the rest of us we need to have laws and regulations in place to if not eliminate these tragedies as a whole but to at least lessen them. The world looks at us and laughs not just because of our choice in President but our constant thumbing our nose at common sense.