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On The Hook

Several weeks ago I talked about how I begin to tire of the WWE and how pro wrestling hasn’t been the same due to WWE becoming a victim of it’s own success and we the consumer have been dragged down along with it. WWE has become so big it continuously fails to heed their core audience which stuck with them in lean times before they struck gold with the Attitude Era and buried WCW and won the Monday Night Wars. They used to pay attention to us back when they had decent competition and weren’t the only fish in the pond. This I write not to downplay or poo poo on their success a lot of people worked very hard for it and it is well deserved but their success also comes with a price and responsibility they have to their audience. Since I’ve written last the independent super show “All In” has debuted with great success and given us the fans a taste of what wrestling used to be and should still be. Since then the WWE has just had it’s Hell In A Cell yearly event HIAC used to be one of the WWE’s biggest pay per view events great matches filled with memorable spots as well as completion of some great feuds this year was an event alright and it was big….a bug steaming pile. Once again WWE shows total disconnect in what the fans truly want by declaring the main event a no contest after a run in from Brock Lesnar easily dispatching both Vince’s golden boy Roman Reigns and the fan favorite Braun Strawman. I’ve seen post from fans after the show went off the air they were livid and had every right to be imaging you’ve paid all this money and invested time and effort to to get to the arena for what you think is going to be an awesome event instead you get this sloppy lazy half baked total pile of crap. No contest no decisive winner just a lazy attempt to set up a 3 way match for the title at the next pair per view. Here’s what needs to happen fans need to cut the cord and hit that wallet cancel subscriptions, don’t buy any shirts,action figures,etc. The WWE has stopped caring and gotten lazy and out of touch. I can’t even mention the taking of fans’ signs that cheer or jeer someone the WWE that may be pushing or not pushing. The idea that the fans who pay their hard earned money who with all the entertainment choices available toda6 still choose to spend their time and money with the WWE have signs that don’t agree with the WWE flavors of the month is total a spit in the face to the fans. As look as that sign isn’t totally offensive you should be able to enjoy the fun and hoist your sign it’s your money and your choice who you like or dislike shame on you WWE and your so fake love for “The WWE Universe” of fans. People have their favorites and it may not be who you choose them to be or who you push down everyone’s throat but the days of not being vocal or silenced by you are over. All In proved there is a niche and room for an alternative to this shoody piece of crap the WWE calls wrestling nowadays.

2 Stacks Reviews 06: Jeepers Creepers 3

Finally got to watch Jeepers Creepers 3. I so loved the previous 2 films with their originality and style. They combined True suspense with fright. The last two movies blew and for years I craved a sequel to do more of the same and to bring a fitting close to this series. I was hoping this long rumoured and long delayed film would earn it’s place in my heart as well as at the top of the stack with it’s predecessors. Jeepers Creepers 3 is a half baked movie trying to ride the coattails of the previous great films. It feels more like a haphazardly thrown together film choosing to attempt to ride on the laurels of the previous films with a cast of the most generic stereotypical characters we’ve seen before in other horror movies. That’s the one thing the previous films steered clear of using cliche and bland characters that are never really fleshed out and that we have no interest in rooting for or cringe when they fail to escape. Here more monster isn’t a good thing as it draws away from the suspense and originality of the previous films. The thing that pissed me off about this film was the promise to deliver an origin /back story for the monster another head scratching moment as you don’t find out anything no payoff what’s so ever. It certainly had big shoes to fill but I think I’d rather they just left 1&2 alone and let us dream of what if they made a 3rd film. The ending was so lackluster and sloppy when you find they attempted to make this a prequel that fits into the timeline between 1&2 you’ll be either pissed or totally disappointed. I was neither impressed or entertained as the story was so weak and paled in comparison to the previous films so much was left on the table. It has some good moments but nothing even close to the level of the previous films. Jeepers Creepers 3 is woefully near the bottom of the stack.

2 Stacks Reviews 05: JD’s Revenge

Today I’m reviewing a true classic and favorite of mine JD’s Revenge. Set in the late 70s it is a fun and sometimes hilarious romp dipping it’s toe lightly into horror and suspense. JD’s Revenge is an urban thriller headlined by Glynn Truman as Issac a hard working law student who through hypnosis gets possessed by JD Walker a dead hustler with a axe to grind against the Bliss Brothers (Louis Gossett JR and Fred Pinkard). Issac throughout the film gets thrown into all kinds of situations as JD pulls the strings and sets up a climatic confrontation that leads to secrets revealed and a climax that not only brings old wounds towards healing but also offers hope for a better tomorrow for all. JD’s Revenge hits the stack at the top.

2 Stacks Reviews Top 5: Burt Reynolds Edition

The recent passing of Burt Reynolds has definitely left a void in Hollywood and in his fanbase. When I was growing up Burt Reynolds was a Hollywood staple huge name and one of the biggest box office draws. I’ve chosen to touch upon 5 of my favorite films from his illustrious career. Starting in no particular order I’ll lead off with 1. The End a great dark comedy about Sonny(Reynolds) finding out he’s dying and decides to say his goodbyes and end his own life after a failed suicide attempt he finds himself in a sanitarium. Deciding he doesn’t have the stomach to take his own life he enlists the aid of fellow resident Victor(Dom Deluise) to help him do it. Hilarious hijinks and get title song befitting the film. 2. Smokey And The Bandit here Reynolds heads a great ensemble as “Bandit” a true demon behind the wheels who finds a great comic foil in Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice who is determined to bring Bandit in before he can make good on wager to beer from Texas to Georgia within a time frame. The cast is comic gold with a favorite country singer of mine Jerry Reed playing Bandit’s partner Snowman and Sally Field as Frog. One of my all time favorite movies. 3. The Longest Yard some of my younger readers may only only be familiar with the Adam Sandler remake with the appearance from Burt in a minor role. The original is still the best here plays Rod a quarterback who runs a stray of the law and ends in the big house. Once there under pressure from the crooked warden played superbly by Eddie Albert. Rod leads a makeshift team of convicts in a game against the guards course when the cons truly make a game of it leading the guards he is urged by the warden to betray his teammates and throw the game. This here is a true gem! 4. Cannonball Run my 2nd favorite Reynolds pedal to the metal film. Here Reynolds plays J.J. a driver in a wild no rules cross-country race partnered with Dom Deluise as Victor who has a split personality of Captain Chaos where he dons a cape and mask mostly at hilarious and inappropriate times. Here Reynolds is at ease and seems to have a good time basically playing himself. A good time is there for all. Great cast of characters from Jamie Farr as The Sheik to Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr as racer rivals and cheats Blake and Fenderbaum. Lots of fun here. 5.Hooper here Reynolds portrays Hooper Hollywood’s biggest stuntman whose ready to retire and ride off in the sunset after making one last great stunt while keeping young upstart Delmore (Jan Michael Vincent) at bay. Lots of hijinks and one helluva film that still stands out. These 5 of Burt Reynolds’ films stay at the top of my stacks.

2 Stacks Reviews 04: BlacKkKlansman

Just got back from a viewing of Blackkkklansman with my good friend Dee. Wow what a mind blowing experience loosely based on the true hard to believe story of Ron Stallworth then a novice Black Colorado Springs cop who then at the successfully infiltrated the Colorado Klu Klux Klan and developed a relationship with then Grand Dragon David Duke . The movie for me was delicious eye candy shot beautifully by Spike Lee with a great story to tell and one I embraced. The movie left me reflecting on the world we live in now though it was set in the past where it took place so many of the ideologies are hidden conveniently wrapped up in robes hidden away but smack dab in our faces. I left the theater entertained but more sorrowful than anything for my children and their children yet to follow. They inherit a world so full of unnecessary hatred and bigotry most of it driven by jealousy,hatred,greed,and feelings of entitlement. I’ll get down from my soapbox for now and tell you about Blackkkklansman a truly wonderful film John David Washington portrays Stallworth with great inner conflict too blue for the Blacks yet at the same time too Black for the blues when dealing with both his fellow cops and Black Activist girlfriend you can’t help but to feel for him and the anguish he must’ve felt. Through a series of phone calls and dumb luck the Klan want to meet him only problem he’s black solution have another undercover cop pretend to be him. Adam Driver portrays Flip Zimmerman reluctant at first especially answering to the rookie Stallworth leading the squad he soon through this assignment discovers and realizes things about race and himself he didn’t look at before. This movie is casted great and will touch you as well as make you skin care with evil that men do. It stirs up feelings and really makes you think about the injustice bigotry and hatred bring about. This world has so much to offer but we tend to forget that especially with the current political climate. Blackkkklansman is definitely the top of my stack.๐Ÿ‘

2 Stacks Reviews 03: The Baron

Today I’m covering a old school gem I was recently turned onto by my partner in crime Mike . The Baron is a Blaxloitation film released in 1977. The cast is top tier headlined by the late great Calvin Lockhart. Lockhart portrays Jason an actor with ambitions of bringing his film to the big screen without selling out his dream. Jason is in debt to Coleman( Charles McGregor) who himself is in debt to the psychotic Joey (Richard Lynch) who wants his money and isn’t above degrading and killing to prove a point. The Baron is a lot of fun but as all too often with most 70’s films the plot has huge gaps and shoddy film editing that causes loss of story and confusion. Lockhart shines through it all charming yet cunning both street smart and polished fitting in the country club and the street without missing a beat. Lockhart is pre-Denzel Washington off the charts charisma, good looks and screen presence. Timing is everything in the entertainment world unfortunately we were blessed with him sooner than later he truly would’ve been a top leading man. Richard Lynch also shines his Joey is diabolical and merciless you certainly wouldn’t want to end up on the wrong side of Joey. The Baron is definitely worth a viewing but the flaws along with the sloppy ending take away from it. Middle of the stack for The Baron.

2 Stacks Reviews 02: Safehouse

Today I’m reviewing a movie I’ve waited a bit of awhile to see even though it was initially released a few years ago. I wanted to see Safehouse ever since I saw the previews before it’s release. I’m thinking Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington how can you possibly go wrong?! Two favorites of mine collaborating in an action flick unfortunately the idea worked better on paper than the execution on film. Reynolds plays Weston a CIA agent looking for his shot to prove himself in the field and get out his current assignment basically housesitting a CIA safehouse that He’s been overseeing for a year. Washington portrays Frost a former CIA operative who is a legend now on the wrong side dealing in selling secrets to the highest bidder. Frost has been in hiding and on the run for years till he finally gets boxed in by assassins while getting new Intel to sell the only option for survival he runs into the U.S. Consulate and turns himself in. From there I’m sure you can pretty much guess where they take Frost for interrogation. Soon the safehouse and the team assigned to interrogate Frost are under attack. The team is killed leaving Weston with little choice but to grab Frost and make a run for it. After a rather average car chase they find themselves uneasy allies. Safehouse is one of those films that could’ve been so much more than average or leaving me feeling like a lot was left on the table. Washington plays Frost as a man disillusioned with the world and the system. Cold, calculating and untrusting he finds himself intrigued by this rookie agent and sees a bit of himself in Weston. At first playing head games then offering bits of advice. Reynolds doesn’t quite click as Weston I don’t know if it’s because of his Deadpool films but I think it’s because we’ve seen this all in better movies. What they should’ve done with his character was make him a former field agent assigned to the safehouse as punishment for a mistake in the field and have him trying to find his way back to redemption. That for me would’ve been more believable Reynolds does the best with what he’s given but I wish they had given him more. I give Safehouse middle of the stack.

2 Stacks Reviews 01: Invisible Target

It’s a lazy Sunday Afternoon and I decided to go to the stack of movies and see if I can pull out a jewel of entertainment. I settled on a film called Invisible Target. Invisible Target centers around 3 unique cops whose goals become entwined in the pursuit of a mercenary gang of robbers led by an charismatic yet ruthless leader ( Jacky Wu Jing). The cops consist of renegade reckless cop ( Nicolas Tse) haunted by the death of his fiancee during a armored car robbery by the gang. The veteran cop ( Shawn Yue) seeking revenge and pride after his task force gets beaten badly by the gang. Finally the young cop ( Jaycee Chan son of Jackie Chan) seeking answers to the disappearance of his older brother who went undercover to infiltrate the gang and hasn’t been seen since. These three reluctant and different individuals soon gel into a unit and friends. Jaycee Chan brings some of his famous Father’s action style and fight mannerisms but he has great acting chops more than capable of handling the serious side of the drama. It is quickly established his character is the heart and soul of the movie. His character becomes the moral compass for his two fellow cops keeping them on the right path and finally being their inspiration to be better cops and people. The action and stunts are both incredible and brutal the climax alone will leave you speechless. The characters are fleshed out with idealistic and realistic goals and the leader of the gang shines as he isn’t a cut in wool bad guy but one driven by loyalty and dedication to his gang who is also his family. The common thread here are the ties that bind whether love,loyalty,pride,or revenge one of us is always touched by something and if we are lucky we move forward to a higher standard. The movie leaves you feeling good and with a smile. Top of the pile๐Ÿ‘.