2 Stacks Reviews: Superfly TNT

Today I’m bringing to you a review of a Sequel to a movie classic that has me screaming why did you even try?! Hollywood let’s face it knows that sequels to successful films are a built in cash cow at times for them unfortunately the majority of times it’s train wreck on the screen that we the viewer ends watching. Certain variables go into sequels and can make them either a Godfather 2 (good) or a Caddyshack 2(terrible). I’ve found some of variables to range from timing ,tone or not fully understanding the character or characters. Superfly TNT falls into a bit of all 3 variables I just mentioned and that makes it fall into the latter category of terrible sequel. Superfly TNT takes place after the events of the classic Superfly here Priest once again played by Ron O’Neal retired from the drug game and looking for purpose so he gets involved with some African revolutionaries attempting to liberate a country. Besides the absurdity of the plot and the bad editing and lighting Superfly TNT comes across as a bad afterthought that fails to evolve or do justice to the character of Priest. The climax of the film is shot so poorly and is so anticlimactic that it could be a whole course on what not to do in film school. Superfly TNT comes in at the bottom of the pile and would be lower if I could dig a hole through the table.


2 Stacks Reviews: The Avengers

Back with another review today I chose to look back at a movie I haven’t seen in an odd number of years The Avengers. No not Capt America and his merry band of heroes but Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman led film version of the classic British series about dashing secret agent John Steed ( Patrick Macnee) and several of his assistant agents the most famous being MrsPeel (Diana Rigg) . Here in this late 80s remake We find Steed ( Fiennes) called into action with the sultry widow Dr Emma Peel ( Thurman) Peel has been framed with theft of weather technology she was working on. Her being the only lead to go on she’s partnered with Steed. Behind the theft is Sir August De Wynter portrayed by the legendary Sean Connery who is planning on using the weather technology to control the weather and have countries pay for good weather. Connery here is wasted and let down by a script riddled with inconsistencies and uncooked characterization his De Wynter is played as an eccentric rich kook not really menacing but a minor annoyance. Even in the climatic showdown he really doesn’t feel like a treat of any real kind to Steed and Peel. I remember so looking forward to the release of this film especially with the fond memories I had of watching reruns of the television series I thought of the tongue in cheek humor and the fun and class Macnee and Rigg brought to the characters as well as the wonderful chemistry between the two. Here the chemistry between Fiennes and Thurman felt forced, lackluster and over polished especially throughout the first half of the movie. By the time they hit their stride and the chemistry starts to warm and develop the movie is into the third act and nearly over pity I had just started enjoying the duo. Fiennes and Thurman make good with what they were given but they displayed none of the swagger and electricity of their television counterparts. The first act especially the chemistry felt forced and pulled instead of letting it develop naturally. On paper and photo promos they looked great but the swagger and slow burn between the originals shared. The Avengers was executed so much better as a series this second view didn’t change any thoughts I had of my initial view A great cast hindered by a terrible half baked script. The Avengers is an lackluster attempt to create a firecracker from a puff of smoke no bang it has its moments but sadly for all the history and lore behind it The Avengers comes in near the bottom of the stack.

10 Day Movie Challenge Halloween Edition

Halloween is a good time of the year to scare up a prank or two share in some candy or other delicious treats and to watch some good horror flicks. Some here are some of my favorites I watch time and time again. In no particular order here we go 1) Halloween (original) man this one really gave me the flux as a kid and the iconic mask still scares the shit out of you! 2) The Omen (original) this tale of the adopted son of an Ambassador who turns out to be the Anti-Christ blew my mind and the book was just as good the sequels were rather lackluster and seemingly uninspired. This one had the right amount of horror and suspense. 3) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) wow this one was one for the record books lots of scary moments and blood spilled. 4) IT (remake) this one was so cool my buddy Mike thought I was kidding about wanting to see it and thought I’d run from the theatre in the first 15 minutes but no I sat through all the horrific eye candy and wait impatiently for the upcoming sequel. 5) Jeepers Creepers if there is any current horror film that truly made me shout WTF it’s the 1st Jeepers Creepers lots of suspense and climax that blows the doors off your mind I remember sitting in the movie with my Sister and we both go “Damn” 6) Wrong Turn I love this movie some things you have to suspend belief in and certain judgement calls I wouldn’t make but we all think that way as we watch stories like this unfold. 7) The Skeleton Key another suspense flick that is endearing to my Sister and I we crack up at some of the lines and still laugh at some of the moments but bear in mind we’ve seen it possibly at least 30 times we never get tired of it. 8) House Of A 1000 Corpses like or hate him Rob Zombie has a unique eye and thought pattern for horror. Here he’s crafted a throwback to the early 70s thrillers that is a lot of fun and has the right amount of scare and cheese this here is another favorite of my Sister and I we also love his sequel to this The Devil’s Rejects. 9) Nightmare On Elm Street (original) this movie scared the pants off me on my initial viewing Freddy was terrifying and really was the nightmare master he certainly kept me awoke many nights after seeing this one. 10) The Fly (remake) this film was awesome and had a great balance between horror and SciFi Jeff Golblum was definitely awesome in the title role as he carries us along on his journey from scientist to creature we can’t shudder away from his gripping portrayal. There you have it my Top Ten I’m hoping some you will check out and enjoy as much as I do!

Straight From The Page By Rome: Titans

When DC Comics said they were starting a streaming service I couldn’t wait especially when I heard of the initial entry Titans I jumped at the chance to sign up for the service. As a long time fan of the Titans comic I couldn’t pass up the chance to see some of my favorite characters in live action as soon as I saw the promotional photos I knew it would be good call it a hunch even with the Starfire and Beast Boy promos I was prepared for something amazing. I watched yet ignored the initial trailer and paid no mind to the negative feedback I had a feeling that it was due to bad editing and I’m glad I followed my own opinion. Titans has started off to a slow boil and the stakes get higher with each episode I must admit that the only thing that sucks especially after being used to Netflix dropping entire seasons at one time is the wait each week for the next episode to drop. Titans is worth every penny. I’ll be covering a breakdown of some of the eye candy I’ve witnessed in the next review.

2 Stacks Reviews 11:King Boxer Five Fingers Of Death

It’s a rainy blustery day perfect day to give the old DVD player a run. I chose King Boxer a film from 1972. King Boxer is a true Martial Arts classic I was blown away by the action scenes and in spite of all the same old plot devices of most older Martial Arts films such as Two rival schools,Teacher killed student seeks revenge masters killer technique etc. King Boxer stars Lo Lien as Chao Chih-Hao a student of exceptional skill who masters a technique known as The Iron Palm. This feared discipline has the rival school worried especially with a competition coming up so they ambush him with help from his fellow envious student and seemingly destroy his hands. Chao with grit and determination heals his hands and despite another ambush attempt to try to thwart his chances in the competition wins but not without surfacing a great loss which sets up a showdown that is truly amazing. King Boxer is definitely top of the stack for me!

On The Hook: DC Comics

I was watching a video on YouTube of a guy that I follow he was posting about what Fox and DC were trying to pass off as Bane in the Final season of Gotham needless to say it looks terrible like they raided the lots of Star Wars and Mad Max and this is the result, a badly jumbled together piece of crap that they have made into a patty and put it on bun and we’re forced to eat it. I say hell naw another viewer had a great thought in the comments about how DC waters their iconic characters down so much so scared to use the big 3 especially Batman that’s part of the reason we get Gotham or it’s follow up prequel Pennyworth that no one asked for. DC is so quick to waste unnecessary money, time, and energy on series that no one asked for Krypton or Pennyworth what next a series about Wonder Woman’s Amazonian Island?! How about a Jimmy Olsen or Perry White series while we’re at it?! Where the hell is the Nightwing movie we’ve been clamoring for that seems to be stuck in development hell?! Instead of pouring money and time into stuff no fan asked or wants to see how about giving us what we want and deserve to see?! No more watered down costumes, history or ill conceived ideas about giving us supporting cast shows in place of giving us what we want trying to pacify our fanboy/girl desires with shows like Pennyworth or Krypton doesn’t cut it for me neither should it anyone whose ever picked up a comic book in their life time! DC you need to stop holding back everything in hopes that your DCEU will take off you already in my opinion beat Marvel(Fan of Both) in video games, Animated features and debatable TV too you own all your characters you don’t have to buy back or extend an olive branch to no one like Marvel has had to. You have that one advantage that they would kill for! Use it don’t spoon feed me crap like Pennyworth or Krypton and don’t insult me with a Bane that looks lazy cobbled together and uninspired!

2 Stacks Reviews 10: Car Dogs

Some months ago during one of DVD shopping sprees during a sale I came across Car Dogs. Looking at the cover the premise reminded me of classic car salesmen comedy ” Used Cars “. So I went into Car Dogs thinking it would be more inline with the comedy of “Used Cars” I’m glad to report it was so much better than a comedy it was much more serious with a grab for your heartstrings than for your funny bone. Car Dogs centers around a Friday at a Phoenix mega car dealership. Patrick J. Adams stars as Mark the compassionate son who runs the day to day for his egotistical and manipulative Father who is in pursuit of opening a 2nd dealership. Knowing that Mark is unhappy with certain aspects of the way he runs the dealership he dangles the carrot that the new dealership will go to Mark to run as he sees fit provided he can reach the goal of having sold 300 cars by the end of business that day (they only need 30 more). Along the way in pursuit of this goal and getting the new dealership Mark is forced to lie,manipulate his sales staff to reach his goal along the way he discovers things about how far he will need to go and how much he has to lose. He will also learn the sad truth about how twisted and manipulative his Father really is. Car Dogs also boasts having George Lopez as Christian his top salesman and Cory Hardrict as Boyd his 2nd in command/childhood friend they are excellent in their roles and make Car Dogs a delight to watch. Car Dogs drives itself to the top of the stack.