Today’s Rant

As I write this. I just read a headline about New Zealand in the aftermath of a blood bath of senseless killings during the last week has decided to ban semi assault and assault weapons. It got me to thinking what the hell is wrong with America it takes one tragedy for another country to draw the line in the Sand and say enough yet we have had tragedy after tragedy and yet we still pander to the NRA or some gun manufacturer who has enough lobbyists to sway the lawmakers. Let’s face in America we love our guns to point where in some households have multiple guns are a staple. In America we don’t like the idea of anyone taking our guns away or making it more difficult to obtain one. Here we throw common sense out the window when it comes to gun control here we have a sitting President more obsessed with a damn wall then looking at gun control after the New Zealand tragedy. I applaud New Zealand for their common sense reaction in response to their great tragedy it saddens my heart when I see our country constantly go through tragedy after tragedy and yet no one chooses not to address gun control and banning of certain weapons. I asked a friend once who boasted about his assault weapon he had “if you can’t kill it with your handgun then I don’t think that AK isn’t going to help much.” The point being we love our weapons and freedom of choice and easy access to obtain one but we also need to use some common sense and quit being desensitized to the tragedies going on quit being so quick to forget the aftermath of these tragedies the broken homes,lives, and communities. I’m not saying get rid of all guns but saying that we need to hold our Representatives accountable not just to the gun manufacturers or the NRA but to the rest of us we need to have laws and regulations in place to if not eliminate these tragedies as a whole but to at least lessen them. The world looks at us and laughs not just because of our choice in President but our constant thumbing our nose at common sense.


2 Stacks Reviews: Angels And Demons

It’s a cold blustery day here. Days like today I grab one of movie collection albums and pour over the titles sometimes it can be an old favorite or familiar but most times it depends on what I’m in the mood for and I then let my hand take it from there. I was in for a bit of mystery/thriller so I chose to finally watch the 2nd film in the Dan Brown written trilogy Angels And Demons. Sometime last year I watched the 1st in the trilogy The Da Vinci Code and was left wanting more. Angels And Demons brings back Tom Hanks as Prof. Robert Langdon and is once again helmed by Ron Howard. Set somewhere not too long after the first film the Pope has died and the candidates to be the next Pope have been kidnapped and someone claiming to be The Illuminati is threatening to kill each one in public within a 4 hour span starting at 8 at night. The Vatican has to swallow it’s pride and turn to Langdon who since the last film isn’t exactly a favorite of theirs and on top of all this there is a bomb that is threatening to wipe out Vatican City all while the World is watching and crowds are gathering awaiting the choice of the new Pope. Angels And Demons is a very fast paced thriller with twists and turns all around yet I found it lacking even with some of the twists in the final act there were times I had already deduced what the next play would be. It’s a solid enough thriller yet for me didn’t have the same suspense as The Da Vinci Code. Angels And Demons is casted rather well with Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsg├árd and Ayelet Zurer all bringing solid performances the fault I feel lies with the script. I have to let the Angels And Demons fly no further than middle of the stack.

2 Stacks Reviews: Wyrmwood Road Of The Dead

Just got through viewing a really cool Australian film from the IFC Midnight Studio Wyrmwood Road Of The Dead. Set in a zombie apocalypse in Australia the film covers several tied in tragic tales of loss. Full of gore and bloody surprises and interesting characters it also includes a fantastic inventive zombie torture scene set to a Australian band version of KC and The Sunshine Band. This ain’t your Dad’s zombie flick for sure and definitely not your Hollywood fanfares no this is well crafted horror flick that made me laugh as well as cry. Wyrmwood Road Of The Dead is definitely top of the stack and well worth the money.

2 Stacks Reviews: The Foreigner

Lately been under the weather so as I take the time to rest from this annoying cold I’ve been going over my movie collection and working on making it more easier and accessible to find my movies and enjoy my collection. Going through a stack of movies tonight I decided to watch a recent action thriller starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan The Foreigner. After his daughter is killed in a IRA cell attack in London Quan(Chan) is set on a path of vengeance to find the responsible parties . His only lead after weeks of no luck with the London authorities he turns to Liam Hennessy(Brosnan) a high ranking Irish official who keeps the shakey peace between the Brits and Irish. Quan is sure Hennessy a former IRA leader and solder knows more than he lets on and begins to stalk and terrorize Hennessy to get the names of the parties involved in the bombing that killed his daughter. This results in a intriguing game of cat and mouse where all isn’t what it seems. Chan and Brosnan bring it both may be older number wise but they still have the acting chops to keep you drawn in. Chan is at his top of his game and truly is humanizing and nearly had me in tears at times Brosnan too brings it both as the tired bureaucrat and when he lets go and embraces the man he once was. The Foreigner is film deliciousness from the 1st frame to the last scene I was glued. No disappointment here definitely top of the stack.

Spoonfuls From The Cereal Bowl : Snickerdoodle Kookies

Cold Morning and I can’t sleep so thought I’d get up and make me something simple like a bowl of cereal. Cereal is a staple in my place and stomach. There are so many choices out there ranging from the sugary sweet to the healthy to the innovative to the copy cat and the copy cat with a twist. Depending on where you shop and where you live you can always come across something awesome or something not so awesome. I came across a limited edition Cereal called Snickerdoodle Kookies sold by Aldi I was so excited by the thought of the flavor fest that would soon be in my mouth as I grabbed a box and headed for the check out. Snickerdoodle Kookies is a unique taste and as I dug into my 1st bowl I realized that it wouldn’t be a staple in my pantry limited edition or not. It has a definite unique taste but the texture throws me off. On a side note it was a great snack before lunch but add milk and it’s fizzle is gone. Snickerdoodle Kookies is a Cereal about under half a spoonful at the most .

2 Stacks Reviews: Mystery Road

Thus previous Sunday Evening I was hosted by my buddy/brother Mike for a pizza/soda movie fest. I was the given the opportunity to witness a brilliant Australian film called Mystery Road. Mystery Road deals with a murder in the outskirts of a town Jay an Aboriginal police detective who is an outsider both among his race as he looked upon as a traitor and among the police department which he serves. Jay is portrayed with brilliance by Aaron Pedersen. Pedersen’s Jay is a troubled soul hoping for a better future and in search of redemption for previous personal wrongs saddled with a quiet frustration at both himself the environment around him. Pedersen leads a competent cast who includes the great Hugo Weaving as Johnno a fellow detective in Jay’s department who there’s more of then it seems and might be on the personal path of redemption himself. Mystery Road is brilliantly shot with lush scenery , beautiful landscapes and set pieces. As I watched the film I couldn’t helped but to be captivated not only by the story but also by the vision and care that went into filming this wonderful film. It also spawned a 6 episode mini series just released unfortunately unavailable in region 1. Mystery Road definitely rests on to of the stack.

2 Stacks Reviews: Incident At Loch Ness

I saw this once before at the recommendation of my Brother from another Mike. My initial viewing it was hilarious so coming across it on TV I decided to take another look and see if it was as fun as I remembered. It was ( lol ) . The film which is a mockumentary centering around famed Director Werner Herzog and Screen Writer Zak Penn playing exaggerated characters of themselves. Trying to do a straight documentary about the Loch Ness Monster Herzog finds himself at odds with Penn who wants to make the film more commercial. Along the way chaos erupts through series of mishaps unintentionally orchestrated by Penn. Also seemly they infuriate the monster who pursues their boat though never truly seen the monster makes it’s presence known. Incident At Loch Ness Is a great film lots of fun wrapped up in a facade of seriousness. Definitely near the top of the stack looking forward to the next viewing.